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Bible Survey Courses Available

  • Old Testament Bible History Survey I
  • Old Testament Bible History Survey II
  • New Testament Bible History Survey I
  • New Testament Bible History Survey II

Time Commitment

  • Class time on computer 70 minutes each lesson (1 hour for video lecture, 10 minutes for quiz)
  • Preparation time 2-4 hours for each lesson
  • Plus reading the Bible as assigned for each course

 Materials Required

  • OT Guidebook or NT Handbook textbook is available to view in the online class or alternatively can be purchased in hard copy by the student from the  USA, Philippines and Australia. Click Bookshop for details.
  • Workbook for each student is downloadable in online class.
  • Set of OT or NT DVD lectures is incorporated into the online class.
  • The student has NOTHING to pay for the online class. FREE but very expensive in value and quality
  • Computer/device and internet access

Enrollment Procedure

  • Notify us at of your desire to enroll in either the OT or NT class. Please include your details with age and church.
  • Register at as a student. Keep log-in info.
  • Accept our Canvas email invitation to join the class you enrolled in.
  • When you receive confirmation from Canvas, you can begin study!
Don’ worry about getting bored or stressed out! You can look forward to an exciting learning experience of God’s Word that will literally amaze you!