Why these Survey Courses are so unusual:

  1. A strong chronological feel of Biblical persons and events  – you will practice reciting chronological tables with the DVD lecturer at the beginning of each class.  When the courses are completed, you will have a new sense of the unity of the Bible and where things fit together!
  2. A well-illustrated textbook with many photos – This isn’t just a book with compressed blocks of text to wade through. The layout, the formatting, the photos all contribute to an enticing experience for the student to read and study the book with anticipation.
  3. A unique grasp of the background social customs and thoughts of the Bible generation – The textbooks for the courses are packed with captivating insights of the background of each book.
  4. A visual experience of Bible geography  – The DVD lectures are illustrated with thousands of photos, maps and visuals in 60 hours of lectures. When you study a book of the Bible, you will feel the atmosphere of the Biblical locations and tie it to your imagination for future study of the Bible. Many have testified that this experience has revolutionized their subsequent study of the Bible with flashbacks of geographical locations highlighting the passage being studied.
  5. Practical spiritual applications – Bible truths will be reinforced by the lecturer from 60 years of pastoral and missionary experience, first in Kansas followed by 17 years in Lebanon and finally in Australian since 1976. Hundreds have testified to the blessing of the transparent sharing of experiences, trials, failures and victories!

Glowing testimonials – A number of people have told me that these Bible Survey courses are uniquely different and that they provide a wonderful opportunity to enrich and expand one’s knowledge of the only Unique Book, the Bible!