Pastors, Bible College Professors and Laypeople Comment about the New Testament Bible History Handbook:

“It is a well-researched course that gives the student a historical and geographical perspective on Bible events. The many graphics of maps, archaeological finds and photos of Bible locations which were previously only a name in a book, break from the monotony of a lecture-only video course, and greatly enhance the learning experience.”

“H. Richard Hester in his recent work on New Testament Bible History has compiled with great clarity a well-outlined and illustrated handbook. It will certainly hold the interest of God’s servants and will render great insight and information for any student of the Bible. This book should be in every preacher’s libray.”

Dr. Ed Pearson
Chairman of the Bible Department
Heartland Baptist Bible College

“I wish you had published this work fifty years ago when I was first involved in teaching at the Baptist Bible College. What a blessing and gift it would have been to all those students! The book is too late for me but not for the interested students and the hundreds of Bible colleges and churche institutes here and abroad that can have this excellent help for making the Word of God known and understood.”

Dr. Elij Harju
Longtime Bible College Professor

“This book is unique and distinctive from any book of its kind that I know about. It is wonderful and professionally done but most importantly, its correlation of Bible content with an understanding of history for today’s needs is right on target. It will help the discerning Bible student to dive deep for historical perspective against today’s problems.”

The Late Dr. Clifford Clark
Pastor and Servant to World Missions

“It is a priceless and unique asset in my library. All relevant material that I need is simplified and put in one package, saving me endless hours of research. It gives me the complete picture and is easy to comprehend and use.”

“This book unpacks its treasures hidden in the Word of God. New Testament words that seemed ordinary and blnd to me have now taken a more enhanced flavor. This book has become my ‘Google’ as I prepare for Bible study and devotions.”

“This book is a priceless treasure to which I will often refer.”

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