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Laypeople and Students Comment about
Bible History Survey Courses.

“Old Testament Bible History Illustrated lays a great foundation for further Bible study and gives an appreciation of biblical events as they relate to the world both now and then. Although the course moves quickly through the majority of the Old Testament, Pastor Hester takes time to inject some pointed rebukes, humour and spiritual truths along with numerous Bible outlines. I highly recommend this course as a worthwhile tool to educate, challenge and build the serious Bible student.”

“From my years of studying various Bible courses, I have found Old Testament Bible History Illustrated one of the most helpful courses. It provided me with a framework for understanding the Old Testament chronologically and theologically. I particularly appreciated the scores of pictures and maps of places where it all occurred, the various outlines of the events of Old Testament books, the diverse practical applications and spiritual lessons for us as Christians today, and most importantly, seeing the Lord Jesus Christ as ‘The Key’ to understanding all Scriptures.”

“I thought I knew my Old Testament, but as the year progressed in the studies which were so carefully and thoroughly prepared, I realised that I had missed the practical lessons and God’s reason that stirred His dealings with His people. It is evident that much consideration and effort have been put into producing not only an audio presentation, but the amazing visuals which made the Bible come to life in its history and geography. Learning was not only appealing but simplified so that I could sit back and actually absorb what was being taught. Most importantly this course taught me to look for the person and character of Christ in every book and to ‘search the Scriptures…'”

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“I’ve never really known much about the Old Testament. Now I feel I have a good foundation to understand it.”

“The pictures were so helpful and impressed themselves into my consciousness. Now when I read the Bible, these images keep flashing across my mind, and I feel I’m right there where the events happened.”

“I appreciated the many practical comments in the lessons that applied to my everyday life. The studies aren’t just theory. The historical outline helped me put the events of the Old Testament into a sensible order. I’m glad I learned it, though it was tedious at first.”

“The Old Testament is no longer a mysterious jumble to me: this course has revolutionised my understanding of it. The course was a challenge: I haven’t studied for a lot of years. I didn’t make as high a grade as I would have liked, but I’m glad I took the course anyway since I learned so much.”

“It was an interesting and challenging course, and it was never hard! I encourage everyone to participate in this course.” (A high school student)

“The Old Testament came alive for me. The lecturer had a great way of giving life and character to the Bible characters, and it has given me a thirst to search the Old Testament and learn from its exciting stories and truths.”

“It is a tremendous help and blessing now during my quiet time of reading the Old Testament and meditating to actually understand and remember the background details from what I learned in class. The graphics in the lessons help me to picture historical places, people and events of the passage.”
” It helped me heaps to get a general outline of the Old Testament and to see how ancient history fits in with the Bible.”

” I enjoyed listening to a faithful man, to his experinces, the difficulties, and how the Lord dealt with him. The course made me ashamed how much I lack, but also made me more determined to study the Word of God. I recommend it to everyone who is serious about studying the Word of God.”

“It helped me set a background in my mind for each book and event. It introduced me to Bible characters in a way that I could understand their motives and actions and learn from their mistakes. It also helped me understand symbols previously unknown to me.”

“It enabled me to know my Bible and the God of my Bible in a new light. I learned many principles that I have applied to my life.”

“I was able to get a more vivid picture of the Old Testament and how everything fits together.”

“A great blessing! In devotional time reading Old Testament passages, I remember background details and because of the graphics, I can picture the historical places, people and events of the passage.”

“The course gave me depth I needed to make the Old Testament alive, and it made me feel I was experiencing Old Testament life. Pastor Hester has a great way of giving the characters life and character. This course gave me more of a thirst to search the Old Testament and learn from its many exciting and interesting stories. Thanks!”

“This course placed Bible events in their right chronological order, where before they were all over the place in my mind. Moreover, it gave me a great foundation for better understanding people and events of the New Testament. This course really changed the way I read my Bible. Now I don’t just study the Word of God, but rather I study the God of the Word whom the more I study the more my amazement of Him and love for Him grow. Pastor Hester took my imagination to the areas where the events and history of each took place. I have been encouraging my children, my Sunday School children, the youth of our church and every Christian I come across to do this course and reap from the harvest that a godly man (Pastor Hester) has sown and invested in.”

This was a very practical course. A highlight was the experiences of the long ministry of the author which were condensed and passionately poured into the Bible teaching throughout the course and especially in the “Logs on the Fire!”

A working mother of 5 children:
“A unique study experience which connected me to the NT world. I gained real insight as to how, where and why each book was written. The Words to Note brought NT words to real life in their historical and cultural context. The author’s experiences added a special flavor of interest to the course. My knowledge of the NT has been greatly increased as has my desire to apply what I have learned.”

A working widow
“The New Testament History course is very rich and compact.  I do not get tired of hearing historical facts again and again.  Partly because I do forget and need to be reminded.  But also because they encourage and stimulate me to go on, to be courageous and brave like the saints of old were. For me it was also a great joy to have this study time with brothers and sisters from other sister churches.  I appreciate the amount of work, time and dedication Pastor Hester needed to write this course.”

A nurse and mother
“Thank you for putting together this New Testament survey course on DVD.  I have enjoyed it and am still enjoying the format whereby I am forced to read the Bible books with the Handbook to search for the answers to the Review Questions. This course challenged me to be more disciplined in my study and especially in the review of historical dates (being my weakness). The colourful pictues and the “The Logs on the Fire” messages made the course even more interesting.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to have an overview of the New Testament.

A ministerial student
An essential course of study and resource for every preacher of the Word of God.  The word studies are exceptional and shine further detail upon God’s glorious Word.

An architect
NT Bible History Illustrated has been a blessing to study.  Apart from gaining a better understanding and knowledge of the Bible, this course makes the Bible come alive with many colourful visuals and witty comments from the lecturer which filled the sessions with interest and humour.  Thank you Pastor Hester for all your work and effort put into this course.  Your labour of love to impart knowledge to students via this course is much appreciated, and the rewards will be only fully realized in eternity.”

A Bible student
“NT History has been a great course to study.  It expands one’s knowledge in history, culture and understanding of the times of the writing of the New Testament.  It has also been encouraging to learn of the personal lives of the prominent people of the Bible. Thank you for all your faithfulness in putting this together for us.  Than you Mrs. Hester for your support to Pastor Hester through this time.”

A Bible college student
“New Testament History is a very profitable course that helps you to visualize the NT accounts more easily.  The Handbook is very easy to go through and is filled with pictures and interesting facts that encourage students to learn.

A Bible college student
“The New Testament Bible History course has been a blessing to me in the way of “bringing to life” the times and culture of the days of Christ.  In so doing it has helped me understand in a clearer way the life and ministry of Christ.”

A Bible college student
“I found the New Testament course to be very informative.  It helped immensely to see how the New Testament books came together in their times and places.  Spiritually, there are lessons on every DVD topic that help me as a Christian to change more into my Saviour’s image.”

A Bible college student
“I have found New Testament History to be a blessing in two ways.  Firstly in the practical aspects of learning the history, the details, the culture of the time and even seeing with my own eyes some of the places we have only read of before. Secondly is the application.  I have enjoyed immensely the “Logs on the Fire” sessions where often we would hear of Pastor Hester’s own experiences connected with lessons for the day.”

A Bible college student
“New Testament History has been quite a blessing.  I have gotten many new insights into the times and culture.  It has been interesting to study the books in the light of historical events happening at the time.  The “Words to Note” will be of great benefit in the future for further study.”

A Bible college student
“I really do appreciate all the hard work, effort and time you spent on putting this material together. The setting up of it was really clear and easy to follow. I learned a lot about the backgrounds and insights that I was not aware of were clearly outlined in this course.  It is very useful now and will also be so useful when I read the New Testament again. It really helped knowing the years of events happening in the  Bible and how people think and why. Thank you very much.”

A Bible college student
“I have greatly enjoyed this course.  The pictures and history have given me a greater understanding of the places and happenings of those times.”

A working family man
“I have learned a lot and it has made it easier for me to understand each book, I have enjoyed the Logs on the Fire segment. It has encouraged me to continue to be faithful to the Lord.”

A working mother
“I am grateful for the tremendous effort Pastor Hester put in to make  NT Bible History happen, It kept us captivated and made it so much easier to understand each book. We thank God for such a faithful servant and teacher. I highly recommend this course.”

An accountant and new Christian
“I found the course to be well structured. The dates put things into context. There was a good balance between video, class work and review questions. I also found the volume of work to be right each week.”

Another accountant
“I enjoyed the “Logs on the Fire” section most as it put God’s Word into perspective. Pastor Hester’s testimony is a real blessing for me. I also enjoyed the quiz each week as it forces me to take in what I had read and to learn it. “

A university student who is growing in the Lord
“It is truly a blessing to be part of this New Testament course. The structure of the course has been very well prepared. I find it very educational  how at the commencement of every weekly lecture on DVD there is a revision of dates, maps and historical reviews. This I believe helps me understand the order of events and purpose of different writings of books. The illustrations in the weekly readings and reviews are very clear to understand and have been found to be very interesting. The explanation of the definition of certain words in verses also gives a clearer understanding of the overall verse. The great detail which is used throughout the studies we do each week is fantastic. Weekly quizzes are a great preparatory tool for the end of the term exam and also for being sure that you are prepared for the lesson being quized on. I also must include that it keeps the lecture interesting with the use of the variety of images and different displays on the screen. The in class sheet is also a great way to keep us paying attention throughout the lecture. The great detail which is used throughout the studies each week is fantastic and helps me to keep continual focus. Thank you for the material that you are providing for us.”

A radiologist technician
“My very first impression of the course was that it is presented so professionally,  both the Handbook content and the DVD.   I imagined that quite a bit of money must have been invested in preparing the course.  I was really surprised when I found that Pastor Hester compiled and filmed the course himself.  I think the most beneficial aspect of the course for me is being able to better relate or empathise perhaps with the first/second generation believers having now better understood their mindset and culture.  This gives a better understanding of why the particular book was written, or why such content was given to a particular church or people.  It was challenging also. Reading Jude scared me! Such separation, devotion-it’s beyond a challenge, even frightening. So it has been good!”

A growing Christian
“This course has given me a great insight and understanding of God’s awesomeness.  It has given me a clear and precise understanding of why Jesus Christ died on the cross for us….This course truly enriched my spirit and mind and had an impact on my life during the year of study. I am eager to continue my studies in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

A working lady concerned about studying again
“Pastor Hester, I would like to thank you for taking the time to do
such a wonderful course and allowing me to be part of it.All the information you supplied for us students was very informative and useful. It has helped me understand the NT a lot more clearly. I have never studied so much in my life! I have surprised myself that I could be so disciplined to study.  I have learned so much through this course and I will always refer to my notes for
future reference.”

A high-school science teacher
“The New Testament Bible History (NTBH) course takes you into an interesting educational and spiritual journey. The course provides a historical backdrop to most of the prominent New Testament events. Now, I do appreciate more and understand better what I read because I can perceive God’s words in their historical context. The word study component of the course unpacks the treasures hidden in the Word of God. Words in the New Testament that seemed ordinary and bland to me have now a more enhanced flavour. The Handbook has become my “Google” as I prepare for Bible study and devotions. I praise God for an additional I resource that brings glory to His name.”